Air Tractor, Inc.

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Air Tractor offers the widest range of agricultural spray aircraft for any operation, from small to large. Select from eight type-certified aircraft models with hopper capacities ranging from 400 to 1,000 gallons. Air Tractor models provide superb visibility, light control forces, speed, and maneuverability. Our AT-802F is an innovative initial attack firefighting aircraft that rivals the performance of twin-engine tankers, but at a fraction of the cost. It uses a patented, computer-controlled fire gate to deliver precise coverage levels with extreme accuracy. When equipped with amphibious floats, the AT-802F “Fire Boss” can land on nearby lakes and quickly return to the front lines. Our Attack/ISR model, the AT-802U, is a high performance single engine turboprop aircraft designed for surveillance, precision strike, and rugged dirt strip utility missions. The AT-802U combines an 8,000-lb. (3,629 kg) payload and 10-hour mission capability with the flexibility and responsiveness to undertake a variety of roles.

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Agricultural aircraft