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American Aero Services, LLC, a U.S. Citizen, is a full-service aviation consulting firm with over a century of total experience in the business and commercial aircraft market. To date, we account for over $600 million in domestic and international aircraft financing. Since the publishing of Docket No. FAA-2011-0012 (FAA Notice of Proposed Policy Clarification for the Registration of Aircraft to U.S. Citizen Trustees in Situations Involving Non-U.S. Citizen Trustors and Beneficiaries) American Aero Services, has been a leader in assisting Non-U.S. citizen trustors and beneficiaries in compliance with FAA policy. In addition we provide brokerage services for the purchase or sale of your aircraft; complete registration services for aircraft end-users including owner-trustee services for non-U.S. clients; Qualified Intermediary services for Section 1031 Like-Kind Exchange and full legal documentation for every aspect of financing, purchase, sale, acquisition and registration.

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Aircraft Purchasing/Financing & Leasing/Aircraft title service

Aircraft Purchasing/Financing & Leasing/Aircraft title service