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Holding company “Aviation Equipment” is a part of «Rostec» ñorporation. It includes 34 enterprises located all over the Russian Federation – Moscow, Moscow region, Ufa, Samara, Ulianovsk, Omsk, Arkhangelsk region and other Russian regions . “Aviation Equipment” has aircraft component production and repair capabilities in 19 systems. Develops a wide range of after-sale services, including maintenance and repairs. The company manufactures spare parts and components for the other industries: oil & gas, energy, automotive and transportation. Key partners Among the clients are such international companies as United Aircraft Corporation (UAC), Russian Helicopters, United Engine Corporation (UEC), Russian Railways, AVTOVAZ, Gazprom as well as many Russian airlines, such as Aeroflot, S7, UTair, Russia and Transaero. Strategy • Integrate into global aviation industry via partnership with world leaders in aircraft system production and direct deliveries to the United Aircraft Corporation (UAC), Russian Helicopters, Russia’s Ministry of Defense and airlines • Focus on the aviation industry to become a leader in development of aviation systems and aggregates and to sustain a 50% Russian market share through 2020 • Offer competitive products through production modernization and optimization and lean manufacturing implementation • Build one-stop after-sales solution for Russian- and foreign-made aircraft, including spare parts distribution, component maintenance and repairs Key figures in 2012 • ”Aviation Equipment” has been demonstrating healthy revenue growth of the last five years (from $596M in 2009 till $804M in 2012, with 6% of CAGR) • “Aviation Equipment” has invested $64M in research & development, plant modernization and quality in 2012, that comprises 7% of the total revenue in 2012 • Total number of employees — over 30,000 people. • Total number of components produced – over 3 000

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Aircraft engines/Electrical equipment/systems /Cabin design and rehabilitation Safety and emergency equipment

Aircraft engines/Electrical equipment/systems /Cabin design and rehabilitation Safety/Emergency equipment/Maintenance/Spare parts support