Liuzhou (landscape liuzhou) international yacht club Co., Ltd.

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Liuzhou (landscape liuzhou) international yacht club co., LTD is located in liujiang river, the management project mainly involves the private belong to service, all kinds of yacht and garage sales, rental, international event organization planning, exhibition service, hotel, etc.Is the BinShiYu group (China) of the guangxi regional exclusive core dealers and service providers.The main business BinShiYu group s six brand dozens of model yacht.Liuzhou (landscape liuzhou) international yacht club is China s first inland yacht club.It also marked the, southwest China will become in liuzhou as the center water high-end project development of the leaders.The yacht industry planning experts, the United States boats experts, New Zealand wharf experts and Italian designer jointly build and construction.Content have a boat park, southwest China s largest yacht dock maintenance maintenance terminal clusters, event stands, large commercial street, yacht school, yacht theme community, high-end hotel, yacht parts processing manufacturing mate, etc.

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Yacht/Garage sales/Yacht/Garage rental,